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If you would like to receive further information on any of our client companies, please register using the form below or click here to download a copy.

This form enables you to register as a Corporate Finance Contact of 8point8 Capital Limited (“8point8” or “the firm”). This will enable you to receive financial promotions from the firm in relation to its client companies. Please note, registration as a Corporate Finance Contact does not make you a client of the firm. The firm, when providing you with promotional materials is doing so on behalf of its client, namely the corporate issuing the financial promotion.

Please tick the relevant box to confirm you fall into one of the following investor categories. For further information on these categories please click here

By clicking on "Continue" below, you agree that you have read and understood the following:

  • Your investment will be in unlisted securities and you may lose money on your investment. You should diversify your exposure to unlisted securities;

  • The assets owned by an investee company may be slow to sell.  Where a company targets a future date to sell its assets and distribute the proceeds to shareholders, it does not know what the market conditions will be at that future date.  This means it may be desirable to bring forward or push back the point of sale;

  • Returns are targeted and may not be met;

  • The shares are long term, not readily realisable investments and, whilst we will assist in connecting prospective buyers and sellers, there is no recognised market for your shares, which may be difficult to sell before the company sells its assets;

  • Any comment on the tax treatment of your investment set out in the financial promotion will only be a generic summary. You should obtain tax advice from your own professional advisers in respect of your own personal situation;

  • The risks attached to investments into any given company will be set out in the Risk Factors section of the financial promotion, which you should read in full.


You also declare that you have truthfully answered this Investor Eligibility Form and will carefully consider all sections of the any financial promotion before applying to the relevant Company or Fund.

Thanks for submitting!
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